Friends of Ulumay
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About the Friends of Ulumay

Friends of Ulumay is an organization of people who are passionate about preserving and enhancing the natural resources of the Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary.  Some members participate in outdoor recreational activities such as kayaking, hiking and mountain biking at Ulumay.  Many members support restoring the Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary to a more natural state, including the removal of Brazilian pepper trees (Schinus terebinthifolius) - an invasive non-indigenous plant.

Friends of Ulumay is a subordinate organizaton under Preserve Brevard, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  This structure provides tax-exempt status.  Donations to Friends of Ulumay are tax-deductable.

Monthly meetings have been held since November 2007.  Initially meetings were held at Kiwanis Island Park.  Starting in October 2011, our primary meeting location was changed to the Merritt Island Public Library.  Friends of Ulumay has attracted a core membership group who support the organization.  The following individuals have agreed to serve as board members and officers; they elected by the membership:

President  Barbara Venuto
Vice President  Vince Lamb 
Acting Secretary  Karin Biega
Treasurer  David Biega
Speaker Coordinator Barbara Venuto
Webmaster Vince Lamb